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Type CM To Hdmi AF + 2 xUSB 3.0 F + SD+TF
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Product application
Macbook 12 English (Apple Macbook)
Chromebook Pixel (Google)
Huawei Mete Book (available for mainstream laptops)
Product Details


1: The product supports the OTG function;

2: Support USB PD2.0 charging function and protocol, suitable for the latest Macbook;

3: With USB HUB chip, support data transmission 5Gbps and 480Mbps;

4: 髙 quality products, built-in overcurrent protection, make your equipment and data more secure, plug and play hot swapping;

5: Streamlined ultra-thin design and aluminum alloy case, with 2015/2016 MacBook and Chromebook and other C-type equipment perfectly matched;

6: Support HDMI 4K*2K 60HZ audio and video conversion;

7: With SD and TF card reading function;

8: Single PCS OPP bag packaging;

9: The color is divided into gold, silver, gray, and rose gold.