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Android phones driver installation FAQ

2018-08-06 16:33:56


  The possibility of more driver installation fails , you need to troubleshoot the problem by following these steps:


1 Turn on the phone "USB debugging " mode


Go to "Settings " - > "Applications" - > " Development " -> "USB debugging " to ensure that "USB debugging " is turned on . Some cell phone turned on "USB debugging " need to restart the phone to take effect , such as Samsung 's android phone , HD2 Android system and i-mobile 808 phone.


2 data cable problem


Try to use original data cable to connect the phone , because the original data cable is factory tested carried the problem can not be connected not appear. If the data cable is purchased by individuals , especially printed with "Nokia" data lines , data lines such defective rate is relatively high, and life is relatively short , you can use this data cable is not recognized in other phones problem of data lines.


3 Computer Usb interface issues


If your computer is a desktop computer , and the phone is usb interface on the front of the chassis , you can try to connect to the back of the chassis usb interface , because some desktop front usb interface does not provide power , might cause the connection to fail.


Security alert notification 4.360 firewall or similar software


During the installation of the driver 's need to install the driver files to the operating system directory , so 360 firewall or similar software security alert prompt will appear , this warning appears when the screen select "Allow " or "pass" , the driver installation process to proceed normally.


Two . Drivers have been installed fail


If you plug in the phone several times , and 91 assistant drivers are installed case of failure , it may be because the operating system can not load the drivers for the phone , you need to restart your computer to load properly .


Three . Driven installation process or install stuck too long [ more than 10 minutes ]


If the driver installation process appears stuck or installation time is too long , it may be due to a system problem causing the driver installation process can not be terminated, this time to re -plug the phone is properly connected can look , if you still can not connect , then you need to restart under computer.


Blue four computer systems . Appear during the installation drive


Since the contact on the phone sd card problem may cause a blue screen blue screen appears during the installation of the system , this requires only one reboot under the computer.


V. some domestic brands of android phone can not install the driver


ZTE , Huawei, Sharp , Cool and other domestic brands of android phones, cell phone drivers are stored in the cell phone , the phone when connected to the computer loaded into a CD-ROM, CD-ROM drive if the operating system is disabled , then it will cause the driver can not be installed , As long as the operating system, which can be removed to disable the CD-ROM .

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